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The experiences of Air Force POWs in Europe

“For you the War is over.”

This phrase, heard by the approximately 450 New Zealand airmen captured in German-occupied Europe during World War Two, marked the beginning of their new lives as Prisoners of War (POWs). This required adjusting to life ‘behind the wire’, surviving on limited rations, dealing with difficult living conditions and coping with boredom.

“Captured!” follows the journey of a POW, revealing what it was like to be shot down, captured, interrogated and imprisoned. It gives an insight into everyday life in a POW camp, describing escape attempts, forced marches and eventual liberation, and highlights the personal stories of New Zealand’s airmen who were POWs.

This interactive exhibition will engage visitors of all ages. Make sure you bring your camera to take your very own POW mug shot!

Click here to find out about our Captured! Experience programme