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Museum Hunts

Our Children’s Hunts are a fun way for families to explore the Museum together.


Available from the Welcome Desk – $6.00 including a prize.


Help track down all the animals hiding out in the Museum!


“Animal Tracker” (3+ years)

This hunt will see children searching the Museum galleries for special animal stickers. The mission is to find the stickers and write down the letters that are printed with them. Once you have found all the letters, it will reveal a message. Return to the Welcome Desk with the message to claim your reward!



“Animal Colour Code” (6+ years)

The challenge for this hunt is to track down the eight animal cut-outs hidden around the Museum. Record the colour clues to uncover the mystery animal, then return to the Welcome Desk to claim your reward.



“Animal Code Cracker” (8+ years)

Designed as a bit more of a challenge for older children, this hunt involves searching for the animal cutouts hidden all around the Museum, then recording the code numbers with each one. Use the alphabet code provided to decipher the secret message. Once you’ve cracked the code, return to the Welcome Desk to claim your reward.



For more information, contact our Visitor Experience Team:

(03) 343-9504