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Electric Clothing

By Murray McGuigan | 11/06/2018

Late autumn; when leaves that were recently picture-perfect are clogging every drain in sight, and you’re forced to walk through small lakes that form around them. It’s the time of year when you quickly remember that damp footwear brings a misery all of its own – sure, you’re not going to get Trench Foot in…

Wartime Knitting Revived

By Michelle Sim | 06/06/2018

When Christchurch City Librarian Kat Moody was looking for inspiration after taking up knitting again, her husband knew just where to look. Simon, who happens to be the Research Curator here at the Air Force Museum, retrieved some World War Two ‘comforts’ patterns from our archives, and took some copies for her. Having seen such…

Everest Flight, 1945: a New Zealand pilot and the new route up Everest

By Louisa Hormann | 30/05/2018

Our Research Team receive all kinds of public enquiries, and the questions we’re asked can lead us on some interesting paths – and even on mountain treks! This is the story of a Kiwi airman whose wartime reconnaissance photographs helped develop the safer, second route to the summit of Mount Everest. Earlier this year the…

Hudson under attack

By Matthew O'Sullivan | 27/04/2018

No. 3 Squadron was involved in an epic struggle for life over the Pacific Ocean just four days after arriving on Guadalcanal in 1942. Flying Officer George Gudsell was captain of a Hudson on patrol when he spotted a Japanese naval task force south of Vella Lavella Island (Solomon Is.). When he flew closer to…

Anzac Day Over the Decades

By Air Force Museum | 24/04/2018

Since Anzac Day was marked for the first time in 1916, Kiwis and Australians around the world have gathered to reflect on New Zealand and Australia’s national day of remembrance. The day holds special significance, because it is an opportunity to remember and honour the service and sacrifice of those who have gone before us. The Museum archives unit documents how…

Military Headgear Conservation

By Murray McGuigan | 23/04/2018

Headgear, usually in the form of hats, helmets or headdresses, has long been part of military dress, fulfilling roles of protection, insulation, identification and decoration. For civilians too, the wearing of hats in public was practically ubiquitous until well into the 20th Century, and hatters and milliners did a brisk trade. As a result, headgear…

Kiwis in Combat – Flying the Meteor with the Australians in Korea

By Simon Moody | 23/04/2018

This is the story of two New Zealanders and one epic battle they fought alongside Australian pilots in true ANZAC spirit. In 1950, the Cold War heated up when conflict between North and South Korea brought the United Nations (UN) into the struggle. China later joined the war in support of the faltering North Koreans.…

I Would Not Step Back by Hilary Pedersen and associated writers

By Louisa Hormann | 20/04/2018

‘The wagon was jammed with 96 men, a number which,  in the height of summer, and the only ventilation about a 2sq foot window, appeared disastrous. But I managed to exert some authority, and like a chess board I rotated people so all could be near the window for a spell…’ [1] This was how…

The Centenary of the RAF

By Simon Moody | 28/03/2018

A Century of Service On 1 April, the Royal Air Force (RAF) will celebrate one hundred years as the world’s first independent air force – a milestone which also holds special significance for the RNZAF. Our long-standing relationship with the RAF had its origins in World War One. Some 800 New Zealanders served in the…

Clothing Store_Stored Shoes_AFM

How do we slow the signs of aging?

By Moya Montgomery | 26/03/2018

While this may sound like a skin care ad, it’s not – this is preventative conservation museum-style. When it comes to slowing the aging process of our clothing collection at the Air Force Museum there are several principles we follow – it is all about preventing damage, without the use of any anti-aging miracle creams.…

The Flyer by Martin Francis

The Flyer by Martin Francis

By Louisa Hormann | 23/03/2018

Re-reading the RAF: cultural imaginings of the flyer The flyer – dashing youth, fortune hunter, chivalrous adventurer, city destroyer and defender. Given the popular appeal and significant wartime role of the RAF flyer between 1939 and 1945, it is perhaps surprising that until the publication of The Flyer: British Culture and the Royal Air Force…

RNZAF Andover Transport Aircraft In Mogadishu

RNZAF Stories: Mogadishu Memories

By Simon Moody | 30/01/2018

In January 1993 three RNZAF Andover transport aircraft and their crews from No. 42 Squadron were deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia. During the 1990s, the RNZAF was deployed to several war-torn regions of the world as peacekeepers and sources of humanitarian relief, a role they still fulfil today. Torn apart by civil war between local warlords and…

Neville Forsyth Harston Photo

War in the Air Exhibition – An Interesting Pilot

By Simon Moody | 27/11/2017

During the research for our War in the Air Exhibition on the First World War, several interesting and sometimes odd stories came to light. One of these lighter moments concerned Neville Harston of Hawkes Bay, who certainly stood out from the crowd.

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