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Tweets from our Archives

Engage with our Archives in a new way! Through Twitter, our team have been sharing some of the treasures we have in our archives, as well as providing a peek into the everyday life of the research team here at the Air Force Museum. 

behind the photo

This photo of on the left of the WRAF women is from the A.E.W. McDonald Collection; Arnold McDonald was from Oamaru and served in the RFC in World War One. From the collection of the Air Force Museum. 

Make: Lanovia. Model: C-550. Digitised for Air Force Museum of New Zealand by NZMS from original material.



Many a Close Run Thing

Vernon, a collection management system on a tablet. Image: Air Force Museum of New Zealand.

Archives: past, present and future

1985/067 Decoy dummy, 'Rupert', of the type used to confuse German defences on D-Day (2 images, front and back.

Operation ‘Titanic’ – Dummy paratroopers in World War Two

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