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Primary Education


Discover the story behind ANZAC Day in a unique and relevant environment.

About Primary Education

We offer a broad range of primary education programmes, all closely linked to and designed for the New Zealand School Curriculum.

Museum Visit

Discover our amazing displays, which offer insight into Air Force life during the World Wars through to the present day. Students will love exploring the Museum, full of amazing aircraft and personal stories.

Be an Air Force Pilot

Come to the Air Force Museum and be an Air Force pilot! A wonderful interactive learning experience and great for photo opportunities.

Simple Machines

Through a series of hands-on activities, discover how the inclined plane, the wedge, the screw, the lever, and the wheel and axle help make life easier in the world of air transport.

A Flying Start

This hands-on programme introduces children to the concept of flight, looking at the physical properties of air and its relation to flight.

Exploring Flight

Through a series of practical activities, learn about the parts of an aircraft and the principles of flight.

Airport Adventures

Learn all about airports and air travel at the Air Force Museum! A fast-paced and interactive programme where children get to board a real aircraft.

Bombing Raid and Air Sea Rescue

This highly interactive programme covers both the RNZAF’s role in the Pacific during World War Two and in Search and Rescue today.

Rations Challenge

Learn about rationing and ration packs in World War Two, then split into teams to cook and eat a modern day New Zealand Defence Force ration pack.


This programme utilises our ‘Captured!’ Prisoner of War (POW)-themed exhibition space, which follows the journey of Kiwi airmen captured as POWs in Europe during World War Two.

Air Force Clothing in World War Two and Now

This programme gives students the opportunity to examine and try on a range of Air Force clothing used in World War 2, then compare it to equipment used today.


What We Can Offer

Find out what we can offer your education group at the Air Force Museum.

Plan your group visit

Find out all you need to know about planning your education group visit to the Air Force Museum.

Early Childhood

The Air Force Museum is a great place to bring early childhood education groups, with lots of opportunities for fun, sensory learning.

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