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This paper back book is written by Patricia Stroud and illustrated by Bruce Potter.

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A superb true story about the courage and loyalty of a dog and his handler in wartime.

When the New Zealand Rifle Brigade marched down Queen Street to board their transport ship to Egypt and the Western Front, they were led by their mascot, a bulldog named Caesar.  One of those in the crowd who waved him farewell was four-year-old Ida.  She’d given her favourite hair ribbon to Caesar’s handler, her Uncle Tom, and they’d tied it to Caesar’s collar.

Trained as a Red Cross dog, Caesar’s job was to rescue wounded soldiers from the hell that was No-Man’s-Land at the Battle of the Somme.  Uncle Tom wrote home about their adventures to Ida, who eventually passed the stories on to her children and grandchildren.

Patricia Stroud, Ida’s daughter, tells the poignant story of an unsung Kiwi hero, and a little-known aspect of the First World War.