Gallipoli – The New Zealand Story


This large paperback book contains 400 pages and maps, diagrams and black and white photos.  Dr Christopher Pugsley is an internationally renowned military historian who specialises in New Zealand, Imperial and Commonwealth military history.

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‘It was 4.30 a.m.  The tightly packed, darkened boats slowly approached the shore.  On the cliffs above, a flare, then a shot…’

This is the New Zealand story of Gallipoli, but one that also illuminates the campaign as a whole, taking into account the Australian, British and Turkish experience.  Christopher Pugsley draws on the diaries, letters and reminiscences of New Zealanders who were there, and his extensive research into primary and secondary source material and photographs, to give a narrative that takes into account every aspect of this legendary campaign – separating mythologising that ensued.

First published in 1984 and here fully revised and updated in its fifth edition, Gallipoli is a compelling account of how this tragic episode unfolded.  A century on, with memories of this military misadventure keen in the public mind, it remains essential reading.