Godley – the Man behind the Myth


In this ground-breaking biography of General Sir Alexander Godly, author Terry Kinlock presents, for the first time, a fair and balanced look at this British general’s First World War experiences as commander of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, the New Zealand and Australian Division, ANZAC, II Anzac Corps and XXII Corps.

This hardback book contains numerous black and white photos, along with maps, a chronology, notes and a reference section.

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Many military historians consider Godley to have been a disappointment as a field commander, but Kinloch argues that he was, in fact, a capable general who had little or no ability to influence the failed battles at Gallipoli and Passchendaele that he is often blamed for, and who demonstrated his real ability in the more challenging mobile warfare of 1918.

Kinloch also presents the first detailed account of Godley’s entire, five decade-long career in the British Army.  Before the First World War, Godley served with distinction on operations in Rhodesia and South Africa, as a mounted infantry instructor in England, and as the highly-regarded commander of New Zealand’s Territorial Force.  After the war, he served as the commander of the post-war British occupation force in Germany, as the Governor of Gibraltar, and even as a Home Guard platoon commander in the Second World War.

The result is an egrossing and sympathetic account of a dedicated and professional army officer, whose reserve and aloofness has, until now, unfairly condemned him to be an imperial scapegoat.