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Kiwis at War. (1939-40 and earlier).


This large format paper back (Part Two of the ‘Kiwis at War’ series) is filled with a variety of photographs and illustrations, both in black and white, and colour.

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The ‘Kiwis at War’ Series.  1939-40 and Earlier.

“Dad never spoke of his time at the war.  I wish I had persuaded him to talk.  But it’s too late now – he’s passed on and that part of our family history has gone with him”.

In an effort to help fill that void, this Collection is aimed fairly and squarely at Baby Boomers and, just as importantly, their offspring.

In Part Two – ‘Air Force and Civil Aviation’, young New Zealanders write from the Cauldron of WWII as it happens, or very soon thereafter.  Outwardly, they exude confidence.  Inwardly, many write with tongue placed firmly in cheek.


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