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My Secret Life in Hut Six


This is a paper back book, with several black and white photos, by Mair and Gethin Russel-Jones.

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‘One woman’s experiences at Bletchley Park’.

Born and brought up in the sheltered environment of the Welsh valleys, Mair Thomas is amazed to discover her grasp of the German language and musical training make her an ideal code-breaker for Bletchley Park.  Leaving behind disapproving aunts and her pacifist boyfriend, she finds herself working long shifts in Hut Six.  Sworn to secrecy, she is so afraid of blurting out something she shouldn’t that she cannot sleep, especially not when her landlord threatens to lurk outside her door to check whether she talks in her sleep.

Despite cramped and uncomfortable working conditions, Mair came to value her days at Bletchley more than any others in her life.  She vividly captures an era of danger and day-to-day challenges, with the constant strain occasionally brightened by visits from the top brass, including Churchill.  This first-hand account, remembered affectionately by Mair, and painstakingly recorded by her son, Gethin, gives a fascinating insight into one woman’s war.

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