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The Women who flew for Hitler


This is a hard back book, with a variety of photos, written by the acclaimed biographer – Clare Mulley.

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The true story of Hitler’s Valkyries.

Hanna Reitsch and Melitta von Stauffenberg were talented, courageous and strikingly attractive women who fought convention to make their names in the male-dominated field of flight in 1930’s Germany.  With the war, both became pioneering test pilots and both were awarded the Iron Cross for service to the Third Reich.  But they could not have been more different and neither woman had a good word to say for the other.

Hanna was middle-class, vivacious and distinctly Aryan, while the darker, more self-effacing Melitta, came from an aristocratic Prussian family.  Both were driven by deeply held convictions about honour and patriotism but, ultimately, while Hanna tried to save Hitler’s life, begging him to let her fly him to safety in April 1945, Melitta covertly supported the most famous attempt to assassinate the Fuhrer.  Their interwoven lives provide a vivid insight into Nazi Germany and its attitudes to women, to class and to race.


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