Where’s Kiwi around the World?


Everyone wants to know ‘Where’s Wally’?  But now they’re asking ‘Where’s Kiwi’? as well!!

With over 800 things to find, this large hardback book illustrated by Myles Lawford will entertain for hours.

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Kiwi’s got itchy feet again!  His bags are packed and it’s time to take off and explore the wonders of the world.

Will Kiwi meet the Queen, run into a madcap mummy, have lunch with a portly panda or pull some wild stunts at the movie studios?

Can you spot Kiwi around the world?

Remember – don’t let Sporty Sheep, Tricky Tuatara, Wacky Wizard or Gumboot Guy distract you from the great Kiwi hunt!