You’ll Never Make It


This paper back book with just over 200 pages and a variety of photographs is written by Rod Hall-Jones.

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At 17 years old, Invercargill-born Rod Hall-Jones has one goal:  to become a commercial pilot.  And when the chief flying instructor of the Southland Aero Club tells him, ‘You’ll never make it,’ it only makes him want to succeed more.

Fighting prejudice at every turn, Rod not only earns his commercial pilot licence but goes on to become one of the most respected helicopter pilots in New Zealand.  His helicopter career begins with live deer capture on a farm.  He then completes six years as the helicopter pilot for Jacques Cousteau operating off the international Research Vessel Calypso for the Cousteau Society – landing in storms when all other aircraft are grounded, flying over war-time former-Yugoslavia, and being present at Moruroa while the French conduct3d a nuclear test.

Finally, he comes home to fulfil his dream of being a pilot in his beloved Fiordland, notorious for its changing weather and difficult flying conditions.

From being blessed by the Pope to visiting an isolated Indonesian tribe to transporting tourists in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Rod’s 50-plus years of flying have never been dull.