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Museum Hunts

Museum Hunts

We offer a range of Museum Hunts suitable for 4– 12-year-olds, with changing themes and challenges every school holiday.  A Museum hunt is a great way to explore the museum together!

Available from the Welcome Desk at any time.

Price: $6.00 including a fun reward.


all round fun!

Our Museum Hunts this time are all about roundels!

Many different air forces around the world use roundels to show who their aircraft belong to. Usually this roundel includes something that symbolises their country. For example, the Royal Australian Air Force has a kangaroo in its roundel, and the Royal Canadian Air Force has a maple leaf.

Did you know that the kiwi roundel has been painted on aircraft of the Royal New Zealand Air Force for 50 years?

Kiwis in the 2000s


Search for eight brightly-coloured roundels, hidden around the Museum and match them to the ones on your hunt sheet. Figure out which one isn't in the Museum, then come back to the Welcome Desk to claim your fun reward.

Roundel round-up

There are many different roundels on the aircraft in the Museum. Your mission is to spot all the ones pictured on your Hunt sheet. Once you've ticked them off, return to the Welcome Desk to choose your fun reward!

Round(el) the world

Find the eight roundels from air forces around the world and write the country's name in the correct space on your hunt sheet to reveal the code word. Once you've cracked the code, head back tot he Welcome Desk for your reward!


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