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War in the Air

War in the Air


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The First World War was the most destructive conflict the world had ever seen. Over four years, the political map of Europe was redrawn and empires and governments were overthrown. 17 million people died and 20 million more were injured in mind or body.

It was also the first time that war was waged in the air as well as on the ground and on the sea. Approximately 750 New Zealanders joined the British air services between 1914-1918, and while relatively small in number, they made a valuable contribution. Their experiences were vital to the development of aviation in New Zealand, and ultimately, helped influence the foundation of our own Air Force.

Through photos, film and artefacts of the period, this commemorative exhibition explores the first ‘war in the air’, from the perspective of the New Zealanders who took part.



Caldwell Gallery

Named in honour of one of New Zealand’s most famous World War One airmen, Keith Caldwell, this gallery has a full-scale replica Sopwith Pup biplane as its centrepiece.

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