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Open Daily 9.30am to 4.30pm

What our visitors say

Want to hear what our visitors have to say?

At the Air Force Museum, we love to hear our customers feedback. Being a non-profit organisation we aim to always please our visitors with our displays, knowledge and overall experience offering.

We often get lots of positive and great feedback, but if there is anything you think we could improve on, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

 by Karen Williamson

More here than i had expected. Entry was free, however you can donate if you want to. Quite easy to spend hours here if you're into aircraft or war history. There is things for the kids to do as well so no need to worry about them being bored. Theres also a cafe, and a gift shop to buy memorabilia on your way out.

 by Bob Gibbons

A great place to spend a peaceful cpl of hours especially if your interested in NZ aviation history. Free entry or donation well worth the visit.

 by Sudam Bandara

This is a must go place in Christchurch if you are an Aviation fan. Being able to take photos as much photos as you want is great opportunity who’s keen to do so.

 by Barry Todd

Checked out the new layout in the Aircraft hall. Lighting was quite atmospheric. Nice to see the Avenger displayed with her wings out (for those wondering she was designed for carrier ops so has folding wings)

 by Bronson Dredge on Air Force Museum

It’s free! What a nice way to spend the afternoon. The museum is immaculate filled with stunning planes that have been beautifully restored. There is great information everywhere. For the kids there are cockpits you can play in and a motion capture video game which is fun. We also did the free behind the scenes tour where they take you to the hangers were the planes are being restored. The tour guides clearly have a passion for what they do. Highly recommended coming here if you are in Christchurch and have a few hours spare.

 by Mark Pitts

What an amazing collection of warplanes! The museum is both comprehensive and unique, in that the airplanes are thoughtfully displayed along with tons of information about their histories and their mechanical and engineering breakthroughs.
We always enjoy air museums that allow you to look inside the airplanes with engine cutouts and other information that help you to understand how the airplane actually flew and why it was effective in the war effort.
There is a great mix of all sizes and eras of airplanes, and there were several very helpful and friendly guides that could answer questions as we walked through. It’s a “must visit” when you are in the area, especially if you are an airplane/aviation or history buff!
I believe that it rivals even larger museums that I have visited in the US, including the Air and Space Museums, and the Dulles Airport museum in Washington, DC

 by Nicky Harris on Air Force Museum

I had a really nice experience here, the planes and engines they have on exhibition are fascinating and interestingly written about. I recommend taking the tour at 1.30, we were shown around by a lovely man who showed us behind the scenes and where the planes are refurbished which was awesome. There are wonderful people who are volunteering their time to this place and I think they're doing an excellent job.

 by Klennie Lee on Air Force Museum

Initially planned to visit for an hour. I ended up staying for almost 2hours! Joined the behind the scenes tour (ask receptionist what time and yes it’s free too) where you get to see and know more about closed curtain items! So worth it! The tour guide (sorry I forgot her name but she’s in my picture, she’s knowledgeable and patience. If she doesn’t know anything she will find out for you!). Loving the interactive items and fun game too.

 by Ronald Khoo

Fantastic exhibit! It showcased a lot of air crafts made during the wars along with their specifications. Many historical artifacts are kept here to tell the story of how World War 1 began and ended. There is also a nice little cafe inside the building with some excellent dishes for a good breakfast or brunch.

NB: The above visitor reviews have been sourced from our Google Places listing. You are most welcome to view all of our reviews, or leave your own review on Google.

Open daily from 9.30am to 4.30pm (except Christmas Day)
Entry to the Museum is free, donations are appreciated.

45 Harvard Ave, Wigram, Christchurch | 03 343 9532

We welcome visitors of all abilities